Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mickey and Minnie Cookie Party Pack

I made this for a friend - it's for her daughter's birthday celebration in school on Monday.

It took me 20min to make the dough, another 3 hours to roll, cut and bake them. When finally done, I decided to make some extras for the just-in-case.

So there goes another 2 hours. By the time I finish up packaging the first batch of cookies into the individual bags , it's 3am.

The next day, I thought just a little more to go. *Scream* See...I do not know how some of the fondant have flatten out overnight???
Oh man, I had to spend another few more hours to make bake, roll and cut... All in all, I took over 12 hours for less than 20 packs of these. I really need to be more efficient!

After all the hard work, these smiling faces make me really happy!


Anonymous said...

i just bought these cutters!
cant wait to use them :)

mui mui said...

they look so nice and attractive! wonderful and creative baker!

Cookie said...

Hi Felicia,
Look forward to your rendition of these characters!

Hi MuiMui,

Serena said...

May I know where you brought all those beautiful cutters?


Anonymous said...


Good work and lovely art piece.Care to share this recipe and how to stick the fondant on the cookie? Thanking you in advance.


dk said...

Gee...those late nites are not doing your health any good, u know? =)

Cookie said...

These cutters were from Tokyo. The The store is call Seibu Department Stores if my memory dun fail me.

I used a simple butter cookie recipe which u can find here:

There's also a few other recipe good for cut-out cookies like:



I used royal icing as the "glue" to stick the fondant on cookie.

Yeah, agree with you fully. This is one of those nights that I have a committment to meet.

The body is tired, but the soul is very happy!

Blessed Homemaker said...

So pretty! I've not ventured into fondant yet, so pretty to look at but too sweet to be eaten. Still procrastinating :P

Serena, if you are from Singapore, you can get the disney cutters from Taka, Tangs or BHG.