Friday, March 5, 2010

执子之手, 与子偕老

Here's more pix taken at my brother's wedding:
My brother with his pretty bride.
Sheen completely adores his pilot uncle.
My proud moment - the cakes get to share the couple's auspicious spot.

Sheen receiving an ang-bao from the newly wed.

No one touched the cake.... they said it is too beautiful to be eaten. I like to think they are right.
Sheen with the his uncle Joe at the evening banquet.
One last pix to sum up my gift to the couple:


Anncoo said...

WOW! Pretty bride and pretty cupcakes!
No wonder you're so excited making these cupcakes...perfect!

dk said...

the cup cakes look very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you & yr e cupcakes tat you make hope i can do well like you.. lol
Btw my sister like e bed sheet pattens very much just like special made? She want to know where can get as she is now prepareing her for june.Thanks!!!

Best rgds

Cookie said...

Hi Ann,
Yeah, my pretty sister-in-law was a SIA stewardess... sure got some standard lah! Hahaha :-)

Hi dk
Thanks... this is my pet project so far!

Hi Pinky
Congrats to your sister too! You are baking for your sis' wedding? I am sure you can do it. Just let me know if you wan to know how i do those.

The couple is now away for honeymoon... I will ask them about the bedsheet when they are back. You may email me 2 weeks later.

Arowana JHee said...

The cupcakes are really lovely! Great work!

Cookie said...

Hi Arowana JHee
Thanks for dropping by!

Big Boys Oven said... beautiful to eat, those awesome cupcakes, lovely and well done! weddings always a day to remember, so sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi cookie,
Thanks, still din ask her for e cake baking yet. I'ii bake for her if she want - by e time i'll email for help..LoL! & thanks for asking e bedsheet!! Thanks again


thecoffeesnob said...

Those cupcakes were indeed too pretty to be eaten! Did you cut the chinese character by hand- it must have been quite painful!

Cookie said...

Thanks for the kind words... this is really nothing compare to all your countless masterpieces!

No problem, am more than happy to share what I know.

Haha, nope, I didn't cut them by hand. Someone gave me the cutter :-)

Even with the cutter each character take quite a while to cut and remove from the mould. If I have to cut by hand, I will have to forgo nights of beauty sleep!

Anonymous said...

Still remember mi - who has been asking for e bed sheet? A very thank you to you if could let mi know more information. Thanks!!!!


Cookie said...

Hi Pinky,
Bride's mother got them from Robinson last Xmas.