Sunday, March 21, 2010

Farewell Cupcake for Princess Riesia

I have not been baking much. Not for the erratically hot weather. Not (so much) for work. I am now hooked to the taiwanese drama 就想賴著妳; a modern Cinderella story between a cold hearted lawyer and a clumsy nanny. Very brainless plot, 101% right for my over-worked brain!

While most of my colleagues are discussing the K-drama, I will partake my lunch in silence, with a plan how to find time to catch up those episodes that I have missed for some silly reasons.

If not for a promise made to my fren, I wouldn't have moved my butt to make these cupcakes. These cupcakes were for a small farewell party in her daughter's, Riesia, Shichida class.

I didn't know it is so difficult to find these individual cupcake case. I went to SKP. Then to Phoon Huat. Finally got them at Lee Bee. But when I got home, found that 8 out of 10 pieces had crack lines. Tsk, so it's another trip back to Lee Bee to exchange them which was fuss free, fortunately. But my luck ran out; I found that I lost my transit link card during the hassle and bustle.

Aiyah, to console myself, I tell myself that the person who picked this needed it more than I do. So just let them enjoy the rest of the balance $35 value lah! *heartache*


muimui said...

you are so ah-Q, lol... good hearted people will be blessed, jiejie

Cookie said...

bo-bien lah, what's gone is gone... just自我安慰lor.