Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shortbread again...

The last time when I made the bear cookie, I dropped the box of cookie outside my son's childcare centre, and the bears all broke into pieces. I promised my son to make it up... so here's my attempt at the cookie again.

I used the same Recipe as the last round but becos I didn't have enough AP flour, this "smart alec" used the self rising flour... in the end the cookie was too crumbly to hold. *Sigh*

I asked my son what colour does he likes his start to be, and he was quick to answer "BLACK!"... This is the first time I come across a child who loves black so much!

So there you go:

I like the pale blue one... look so serene to me:

The bigger ones like the stackable bear all broke quite pathetically. Bevis cried when he saw his bear with broken ears... I will certainly try more cookie decoration... but using with all purpose flour :-)

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