Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Teachers' Day

This is my greatest achievements since I pick up baking early this year - I did 4 items on a night:

  • Crispy Cream Cheese Cookie (cos Bevis insisted on that "cheese biscuit" for his cookie box)

  • Kueh Salat (for Mrs Ho, Bevis' Teacher, who "hint hint" she likes this)

  • Cut-out cookie (for all his teachers)

  • Minnie Mouse Cookie (requested by my colleague: "my daughter wants to give to her ballet teacher")

This batch of crispy cream cheese cookie was decorated all by Bevis all alone. I help him make the dough and divide them into pieces. Then left him in the living room with the sprinklers and dough. This is what he came up with.

These are cookies for every of his teachers. I had fun icing albeit a bit tired... the thought of 8.30am meeting the next day killed the creativity. Haha, ya that's my excuses again =p

This is Kueh Salat, my first attempt at it.

Minnie Mouse for colleague's daughter.

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