Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eggless Oat Cookie

This recipe is from Gina @ KC. You can find her recipe here . She created it for Knife (or is it Lam Soon, sorry Gina, I am totally confused); for best results use Safflower oil =p
*Here's the free advertisement for Lam Soon*

What I like about this recipe is that it uses oil instead of butter:
  1. oil is cheaper than butter;
  2. if you buy the good quality oil, like grapeseed oil, it is healthier than butter. Even then, it is cost-neutral - the NTUC house-brand grapeseed is less than $10/Litre as compared to Lurpak butter $5.70/250gm block
  3. Using oil speeds up the entire process - no need for creaming, no need electric mixer. Simply weigh all the dry stuff into a big bowl, then pour in the oil!

I dust the cookie with icing sugar cos I worry Bevis won't eat them. Anyway, my fear was unfounded... he loves the cookies.

I added 1/4 cup of raisin into the cookies. Just plump up the raisin beforehand so that it is not deprived of liquid :-)

Another modification I made is to omit the egg. I have done this to a few of my cookie recipe and they all turn out fine. Maybe the taste could be better with an egg but without it really works fine with me... what you don't know won't hurt you!

I feel better knowing I just lessen sufferings on the poor egg hen.

Oh, on the shaping part, I used a 10ml spoon to measure out the dough then flatten it slightly. You can also buy the cookie scope from Gina - it is easier cos your hand won't get oily.

By the way, Gina say it's ok to make this recipe with butter so I did 1 small batch with butter. I used the creaming method... it has a better buttery taste but not sure if it is worth all the extra works that goes into it. I think it will stick to the original recipe. *GRIN*

PS: I find it too stark for my liking. After eating a few pieces, my mouth starts to feel "astringent"... which is probably the after-effect of instant oat. Next time I'll respect the recipe and use rolled oat!


gina said...

you very cute..! Knife cooking oil is a brand by Lam Soon. Lam Soon is the company. so technically, both is still correct. :) The Lam Soon staff ate the oat cookies I made for the 'trial'. This was one of the cookies I created. And the most popular with them too. and its Sunflower oil...not Safflower oil. you can use museli to replace oats too.

Cookie said...

Gina, you are very polite... I would call this blur, not cute :-)

Yes, this is a keeper recipe, nice and easy!