Friday, August 1, 2008

Bangkok, Here I come

I just came back from Bangkok last night. Someone mentioned that there's a Bakery House in Siam Square where the things are "cheap cheap"... I stole some time to check out the place as it is just 1 sky train station away from my hotel.

Bakery House: There's a baking school ( in Soi 1, right opposite Siam Discovery Centre. It is basically a school, and with a small retail confectionery. I thought of signing up for a short course but there ain't any suitable timing. BTW, if you are also thinking along the same line, do ask if the training is conducted in English.

The confectionery is nothing fantastic, I would rather have skipped this store.

There's another retail store in Soi 2, a short stroll away from the school. This is like our Phoon Huat - sells all bakery supplies. I bought the figurine sugar paste for 70bhat (est. S$3). I have not opened it, but I roughly think there's 50pcs in a bag. I previously bought the same thing at Sun Lik for $1 each! Just go figure out the markup! Sigh.

These sugar figurines are about 1~1.5 inches in height. Looks very pretty on cupcake. Kids will love it!

Pratunam Centre: As I walked from my hotel (Amari Watergate), I get into the mall via an overhead bridge. Get thru the glass door, just a few units away, you can find a NaRaYa-lookalike store on your right. I do not know if these are wholesale items or simply knock-offs. Anyway, brand does not matter when you are at the clothes hanger... ( I will post a pic of that later). It cost 15Bhat at this store compared to the real NaRaYa @ Central World Plaza (220Bhat for a pack of 6)!

BTW, NaRaYa is the local (I think) handicrafts stuff made entirely from an array of fabrics... handbags, tissue case, diaper bags etc. The product range is limited but the permutation with fabrics are endless - what I mean is that if you like a particular size of a bag, you can choose from a series of different fabric design. Sorry I do not how to explain this better... but once you step into the store, you will know what I mean.

Massage: I had a 3-hour massage (Head & Neck, Foot and Thai massage) for 1000Bhat (est. S$42). Of course you can find even cheaper outlet in Bangkok, or so my Thai colleague said but I won't care to spend time venturing... The one I went is at Level 3 of Central World Plaza, a short stroll from hotel.

Talk about massage, I can still recall my madness in the last trip - the hotel Imperial Queen's was right across a massage parlour... and you know what, at the end of the day, I rushed out of the meeting room, drop my stuff and head for 1 or 2 hour massage, everyday, for 5 days!

Makan: I can't tell you how much I love thai food even though I do not take spicy stuff! There's a whole stretch of restaurant along the Balcony of level 3 at Central World Plaza. The entire level 6 & 7 is also dedicated to foodies! My fav is Taling Pling (@level 3)... I do not have a meal budget and yet dine there almost every night... that says something, ya?
You won't miss the fuchsia facade of Taling Pling as you walk along the Balcony. Die die must try!

Phad Thai - sweet, sour, crunchy, yummy!

Supermarket: I discovered the supermarket at level 7 (Central World Plaza) too late... I only can squeeze in 5 min for this cos I had to dash off for my hotel check-out! Go ahead to call me Sua-ku, but I have not seen such a posh supermarket in Singapore yet. NTUC Finest is close but eclipse where size is concerns :-)

Erawan Shrine: I heard that this Shrine is a "must visit" on every package tour. I took this pix from the sky walk.

Take a break at the unmistakable Big M:
The blueberry streusel muffin is heavenly! I finished every single crumb, and ta-pao some more back to savour in the hotel! Haha.

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