Monday, February 2, 2009

Healthy Taro Root Cake (糙米芋头糕)

It is not often to find me forgoing the convenience of commercial offering to ease my culinary (mis)adventure. For the yam cake, I would usually using ready rice flour. BUT today, I blended my own rice flour using the healthier red cargo rice. :-)

Red cargo rice an unpolished rice, similar to brown rice. The colour of the bran is red, and hence the name. Our usual white rice has its husks & bran removed during the milling process which strip all the nutrients. In unpolished rice, only the husk (the outer "coating" of the grain) is removed. All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are stored in the bran layer is intact in the bran and germ.

Despite all the benefits, unpolished rice is not very popular in our diet as it is much more chewy than the standard white rice of which asian favour for the soft & fluffiness. But having it blended and steamed into savoury cakes make it more acceptable to my fussy family a wider audience! Also, personally I find the red/black speckle in the rice cake very appealing! Try it when you some time to spare:

Rice Batter
200g brown/red cargo rice, cleaned, soaked in clean water for overnight and drained.
1000ml chicken stock or water
2 tbsp tapioca flour
1 tbsp tang mien

  • put soaked rice and water into a blender and blend into a smooth batter. Add in tapioca flour, tang mien and mix well.
Continue per your usual recipe or you can get it here .

Red rice lends a light red hue to the cake:

I love it when I eat healthy. (Not that I am a healthy.)


dk said...

your repertiore has expanded with each day. Soon, yr menu will become like telephone directory. =)

Cookie said...

I like Yam cake but won't buy from the stalls cos it is always too oily and salty for my liking. I guess as I age, I prefer lighter taste.

Oh well, after making the same thing over and over again... I gotta to start thinking of variation!

Navita said...

taro root is something i just need to try n tht recipe sounds delish! :)

Cookie said...

Hi Navita,

Do give it a try, and I would love to know how yours go!