Friday, February 20, 2009

Ding Tai Fung@Jurong Point

This is the first time I went to Jurong Point Extension since the new wing opened few months ago. I am quite happy to find some "downtown" eateries, like this taiwanese dumpling joint 鼎泰丰, now being closer to the heartlanders.

We ordered the famous xiaolongbao, steamed spicy pork and vegetable wonton (紅油抄手), vegetable dumpling, fried rice with eggs, shrimp and pork wonton noodle

The xiaolongbao is juicy if you can finish them in a jiffy. Else, the thick "skin" dried up and hardened when it's cold. In that sense, 紅油抄手 fared better cos it is sitting in the sourish and spicy gravy. Good till the last moment!!! Ya, that's my fav... (ever since I watched Meteor Garden)!!!

Veg dumpling and noodle are decent fare. But fried rice is awesome. Sheen whacked 2 bowls very quickly!

A well-fed boy is a happy boy!


Art of Eating said...

That's a handsome & happy little boy.

chumpman said...

I do go to the restaurant of it's well-known and good recommendation of dishes as the others do so but sometimes............... I tried Ding Tai Fung's xiaolongbao in Shanghai, Taiwan as well as in Hong Kong and a bit disappointed. Thick skin is one thing, I would say the gravy was watery rather than juicy. Since a found a small food court with really juicy and yummy xiao long bao in HK, I almost go there every 2 weeks