Friday, February 13, 2009

Recycled Cake

I baked some eggless choc cake for the visitors during lunar new year. There were some leftovers still sitting in the freezer.... which is just right for recycling into some cupcake pop!

The recipe is modified from Bakerella. Her cupcake pops is like Victoria Beckham - chieselled and classy! *blushed*

Cupcake Pops
What you need:
Cake scraps, coursely crushed
Kahlua (or expresso/coffee for non alcholic version)
Dipping chocolate (I use white chocolate)
Sprinkles to decorate Cookie Cutter

1. Put the crumbled cake pieces in a big mixing bowl.

2. Add some buttercream & kahlua. Mix well.

3. Press some cake mixture with hand and press them together to try form it into a ball. Add more buttercream and/or kahlua as required, a little at a time. If it becomes too mushy, it will be very difficult to handle.

4. Using a spoon form 2" balls. Place them on a baking sheet covered with a sheet of wax paper. repeat until all the cake mixture are used up. Refrigerate to let it firm up.

5. When it is firmed, use a cookie cutter to shape the cake pop.

6. Put dipping chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and melt according to package instructions. Once chocolate is thoroughly melted, dip cake pop into the chocolate. Place dipped cake pop on sheet covered with wax paper. If decorating with sprinkles, put the sprinkles on quickly, as the chocolate hardens quickly.

My notes:
Easy as it may seem, but it's quite tricky...

  • First I couldn't get it to clump together, so I kept adding buttercream to it.

  • By the time they come together it was too soft to handle. So, I refrigerate it for a while.

  • When cold, it is too hard to be moulded. I had to press, squeeze, and coax it to fit into the cookie cutter.

  • Melting chocolate... another challenge; I put it into a bowl and microwave at 3o seconds interval. Take out, stir, check. Back to microwave. I repeat this at least 5 times and still staring at semi hard chocolate. Exasperated, I had to rummage my cabinet to find the double boiler to do bain marie. Wash and dry the pots, transfer the chocky mess into the pot and stir stir stir until I get a smooth chocolate mixture.

  • Even trying to coat the cake pops with chocolate takes some skills. I tried to hold the bottom of the cake and dip the top into the chocolate bowl... oops, the cake broke. So now I have half the cake in the choc dip and the other half on my hand don't know what to do :-(
My chicken hand duck feet! *sigh* I am sure you can do better than this!

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