Sunday, February 15, 2009

die hard romance, pls raise your hand

I am not. Which explains why you didn't see any fanciful Valentines' Day bakes. This jar of cookie is probably the closest I get to being romantic:

It was first meant for Sheen to play cos he's bored on a Friday night. Even the reason ain't very romantic agh.

The recipe is from here . I always have doubts about using taro (or yam as more commonly know in asia) in cookies - if guru like Gina is struggling to get the cookies right, let alone me :-) I guess that's nothing to lose since the taro paste was leftover from the earlier steamed taro cake.

Back to the Taro Cookies, I adhered to most part of the recipe, making changes to only 2 things:

  • Shortening - all shortening contains transfat, it's a big NO-NO in all my little bakery. I used butter instead.
  • Egg wash - it does not make much sense for me to break an egg for the wash and discard the balance, so it is omitted.

bits of yam lurking beneath:


  • The dough is very hardy. It holds the shape very well, making this suitable for shaped cookies.

  • There's a very evident yam taste, and a delightful crunch on the first day. The little salt in it also makes a little addictive, much like the World Peace Cookie.

  • Unfortunately things go down hill on the second day... it becomes softer, more chewy, which I dislike. But gosh, I am hook to the saltiness - I kept reaching out 1 after another, perhaps a slim attempt to find a crunchy one. Or am I trying to decipher what went wrong...
For those who still have your hands raised, hope you had a lovey celebration yesterday!


Art of Eating said...

Happy Belated Valentine Day !

Hahaha ... I'm not so romantic either. So no special bake for my valentino.

Opps ! i think i'll be more excited over Children's Day instead.

Cookie said...

Strangely many ppl thinks baking is a hobby of love. I have many colleagues come and ask for a quick bake for V-Day!

Also, at Cold Storage last Fri evening, I saw a few girls discussing what/how to bake... :-)