Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hello 2009

Looking back at 2008, it has been an exciting year. Really. Never in history you see oil price soar to USD140 per barrel in July, and just when everyone speculated when it was going to hit USD150, the market collapsed and it slid all the way to 40 dollars mark by end 2008.

Well, for someone in oil and gas, you won't expect any thought without mentioning the oil prices, after all this is my livelihood for over 12 years!

No doubt 2008 is already history but I can't help but to outline these events as it had shaped my outlook

  1. Melamine - the greed (be it the middleman or Sanlu) caused death and irreversible kidney damage. I now believe in living up to expectation... especially where social responsibility is concerned. BTW I now think twice (or thrice) before buying anything that says "Made in China". Even my son now ask if the milk is made in China before drinking it.

  2. Barack Obama - Never in my life that would expect to see a US President from the minority race. This is the first time I watch the US election so closely. Even at the nomination stage, I can;t help but to wonder if the country is gonna get a first black president or first lady president! The outcome now gives me more confident to follow my heart in taking the road less travelled.

  3. Terrorism - After the first Singaporean victim in war against terrorism, I now more reticent of business travelling. I ever consider taking up more insurance policies so as to provide for Sheen just-in-case but the AIA incidence... sigh... Oh well that's another issue.

  4. Financial Tsunami - when I studied econs in the uni, I was taught to believe that the Great Depression will never happen in the new economy. The economists were right. We now have one would be possibly worst than The Great Depression. Who would have thought that the bank who have survived 2 world war has to go belly up in 2008? This make me understand history is meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, so is theory and whatsoever. Don't take life too serious!

  5. Singapore Flyer - who will expect such a glitch to happen in the Singapore where we always on err on the "kiasu" side. (You know if the level of kiasuism if you ever compared the number & size of pillars of a HDB flat vs. the private building). This is so "Murphy's law" - whatever can go wrong, have go wrong!

  6. First F1, First Night Race - Just when we thought it is a dream... Mr Ong made history in the racing circuit! Singaporean boleh lah! Singaporean now get to enjoy the world's richest sports in our own backyard. Dream does come true!

  7. Natural disaster - like the Sichuan Earthquake has made me re-evaluate life goals. I see my priorities changed. I see my declination on materials comfort (I downgraded my Camry for an Altis when petrol cost $2 a litre). I see my focus on what's closest to my heart (Nope, not career! haha). Yes, I now work on things that matters to me most!

  8. The unfortunate fire at Santika makes me more conscious of the exits wherever I go to a new place. You never know when it will save your life! This is something so fundamental and yet always being taken for granted!

  9. My Baking Blog - I never would have thought that amidst the hectic work I would be able to start my first blog, my first culinary journey. Though I am still very much a novice in this journey, I am glad I took the first step doing something different which is enriching me in many ways.

How about you? Tell me your thought for 2008, and hopes for 2009, ok?


Art of Eating said...

A good reviews and look back of 2008 and prepare for year ahead.

Cookie said...

Cheers, and let's all bruce ourselves for a tough year ahead of us!