Saturday, January 17, 2009

Insanely Crunchy?

The recipe was from Kitchen Capers. I was enticed by the name, "Insanely Crunchy Cookies", cos I love my cookies crispy and crunchy.

I followed the recipe exactly but omitted the egg.

I baked in 2 batches:
In the first batch I tried to use only 170C (cos low temperature yield more crispy cookies) but in the end the cookie spread alot in the oven. It went into the oven as a fat little ball, but came out like a deflated balloon.

In the 2nd batch, I turned up the temp to 200C in the first 3 min so as to set the shape first. It ended up flat like the prata too!

Possible culprit(s) are:

  • Omission of egg: apart from adding liquid, the egg white also provide strength to the cookie to hold the structure together. Leaving out the egg may have cos weakened the ability of the cookie holding itself together, hence the spread.

  • To mitigate, I may add 1 or 2 tsp more of flour to check it out.

  • The butter and shortening may have been overcreamed. Next round I will ensure that the mixture is just light,. Then stop.

Taste Test:

  • Both batches I made char very quickly hence the need to remove them from the oven before time's up. The thin cookie was a little chewy (where it was suppose to be crunchy).

  • The vanilla barely has it's presence. Next round I will add 1 tsp more.

  • Everything else is ok... well, anything contains choc can't be too bad agh.

I will only try this in my free time cos I am not really keen in this recipe; It uses vegetable shortening which means the unhealthy transfat. But in the spirit of learning and exploring I may just make another batch. :-)

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