Sunday, June 14, 2009

(Eggless) Almond Suji Cookies

This recipe came highly recommended by Yum Yum, a Malaysian culinary magazine. If you have a collection of these magazines, it is issue 58!

I was reseaching for a recipe that would retain its shape well... this is for HI daughter's 1st birthday. Now you see how much stress I get to produce the winnie pooh cookie!

Back to the recipe, I was enthralled bythe perfectly shaped chick in the magazine... I was so caught up in the straight sides of the cookie!!!

Made this with another recipe which didn't quite make it.

The one below is made with the recipe here.

Almond Suji Cookies
recipe taken from Yum Yum
Ingredients A:
60g salted butter (I use Golden Churn)
50 shortening (I use crisco)
50g icing sugar (original 60g)

Ingredients B:
30g ground almond
20g suji (this is the samolina flour, available under Prima brand)
160g plain flour, sifted


  1. Beat A until fluffy. Add in B and mix into a dough.

  2. Roll out the dough into 1cm thick and cut into desired shape.

  3. Optional : I freeze it for 30min before baking... I read somewhere this will help to retain shape better. You can skip this step if you are not so concern with the shape.

  4. Bake in a preheated oven at 160C for 15min or until light golden. Remove and cool on wire rack.

My notes:

  • My dough appeared crumbly after step 1. So I simply drizzle some cold milk over it. Very sparingly. This is the tricky part: If too much liquid is added, it will be too soft to be rolled out. Then use your hand to press the dough together before rolling out.

  • Most recipe meant for rolling out are not very tasty... as it requires a high percentage of four to provide the structure. Just as this one here - it also has a high percentage of flour, but the use of suji and ground almond add exceptional flavor... Certainly another keeper!


As I have some leftover fondant, I thought of using it up. When HI saw it she decidedly insist to cover all her cookie with the fondant! *Sigh*

J reminded me I didn't even go thru such extend for our son's birthday!


Art of Eating said...

I like this cookies with the Pooh Fondant on it. It really make a stand out ~ Nice Job !

Cookie said...

Thanks mate, but too time consuming making these :-(

Big Boys Oven said...

hi Cookie,

we just finished our baking class in Singapore, as for the bamboo charcoal you can get from Janice in Singapore, call her at 97592081. This will save the posting cost and time.


Alice said...

Wow! what a lovely cookies, so cute:)
Btw may I know where u buy the cutter from?

Cookie said...

Hi Sidney,

Thanks for dropping by, and YES, will contact Janice soon!

Hope to have a chance to meet you in SG soon!

Hi Alice,

I bought this cookie cutter (plus many other disney character) from Japan.

I have asked around in SG bakery stores like Sunlik and BIY but they do not carry them.


Emily said...

Hi Cookie,

The Pooh fondant on the cooie was really a brilliant idea. It looks so perfect.


Cookie said...

Hi Emily


It can be easily done with the help of the cookie cutter and stamp.

I won't have done the fondant covering if i can get perfectly shaped cookies like yours!