Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Potato Sweet Soup

I remember in my childhood that mum always have some sweet potatoes at home. Whenever I was hungry, I helped myself to those sweet potatoes- skinned them, throw it into the boiling water, and add a few slices of ginger + some rock sugar. I first did this from primary 3, about 9 years old!

It is unfortunate that none in my family likes this... despite my effort trying to make this as pretty as I could, Sheen ain't the least tempted!!!

I ended up having gorging myself, with some refrigerated for supper, and some to my parents. Parents are GREAT - they like to eat everything that I make :-)

Sweet Potato Sweet Soup

sweet potato, skinned and cubed
some gula melaka/rock sugar/white sugar
slices of ginger, optional
a knot of pandan leaves, optional

  1. Boil the water, throw in sweet potato, gula melaka, ginger and pandan leaves. Taste to add more sweetener as required.
  2. It is ready when the sweet potato is softened, about 30min.

  • You can use any type of sweet potato though I prefer the japanese variant.

  • Gula Melaka gives an aroma which is irreplaceable with other sugar.

  • Likewise for pandan leaves, it is added for aroma only. Omit if not available.


  • to get the flower variation here, steam the sweet potato first so that it is soft enough to be pressed out with a cookie cutter. Have fun playing with your cookie cutter!


Art of Eating said...

Sure it's looks tasty. You really make great effort in making the soup Pretty.

Cookie said...

Thanks YY,
It's one of those few moments when I get inspired enough to do it!


dk said...

Very innovative ideal of using cookie cutter on the sweet potato. You ought to patent it! =)

Cookie said...

Thanks pal...

I wished I can be this arty & inspiring more often!!!

PS: you have been very quiet recently... busy?