Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am born in the month of May... know you know how far behind I am in my post!
We happened to have a half day presentation in plant a day before the actual birthday. Right after that, the gang went to a nearby coffee shop for bak kut teh lunch. That's when they spring a surprise with the birthday cake!

We had cake for dessert after bak kut teh. Yes, they sang me the birthday song there... very softly!!!
Quite an interesting lunch celebration, I must say!

This is what I have get from family:

We didn't have any celebration but the as the saying goes "It's the thoughts that count".

The next day, on my actual birthday, another colleague HH who is based in Pandan office came all the way down to do lunch together. I thought I was going to have another surprise lunch... ha, but nope. It was for a casual catch up.

Til now, he didn't know it was my birthday! But who's complaining when you get to lunch at Vanilla Pod!!!


Art of Eating said...

Happy Belated Birthday !

Cookie said...

Thankie, YY!