Friday, June 26, 2009

Puen (饭) Kueh

If you blog-hop regularly, you may know of the not-so-recent mayhem of this recipe; I was so tiltillated by the blogger's beautiful Puen Kueh yet no recipe was posted for anxious ones like me to try it out.

A classic let down.

I was relating this disappointment to my colleagues over lunch, and a few days later, she sent me this recipe - one that her mum uses... Thanks R.

Took this pic in the dim kitchen... hence the ghastly colour!


Puen Kueh

Makes 20 pcs
Ingredients for the Dough

150g Rice Flour
50g Tapioca Flour
250ml Boiling Hot water
very tiny pinch of Pink food colouring powder (see right)

Ingredients for the fillings:
200g White Glutinous Rice, wash and soak for 3 hours
25g dried shrimps - soak, drained and chopped
2 pcs dried mushrooms - soak, drained and diced
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp Fish Sauce
1 tsp pepper
1/2 cup water
1 tsp chicken grandules
1 tbsp Sesame oil
1 tin of Braised Peanuts

Method for Filling:
1. Heat some oil in wok. Fry the dried shrimps until frangrant. Remove from wok and set aside.
2. Stir fry mushrooms with oyster sauce for 1 minute.
3. Add glutinous rice, some water, fish sauce, chicken grandules and pepper. Continue to fry it in the wok until the water dries up. Add more water if necessary. The rice is ready when it is fully cooked. The rice should taste just a little saltier than you usually like, as the bland dough will mute the taste.
4. Add sesame oil and braised peanuts. Mix briefly.
5. While waiting for the rice to cool, prepare the dough.

Method for making dough:
1. Sift both flour & colouring into a mixing bowl and stir briefly to mix them well.
2. Pour boiling hot water into flour mixture and stir well with a spatula.
3. Cover the bowl with a plate. Let it stand for 10 mins (to cool it)
4. Remove and add colouring and knead to form a dough.

Assemble the kueh:
1. Divide the pink dough into 20g portion.
2. One at a time, flatten the dough into a round disc and place 1 tbsp of rice on the centre of the dough. Compress the rice first.
3. wrap up the filling to form a ball. Put the dough in the cookie cutter, press to flatten and spread to form the desired shape.
4. Press the cookie stamp over the dough to form the details.
5. Place each formed kueh onto the parchment paper placed in a bamboo steamer. Brush it with a little oil.
6. steam over boiling water for 8 mins.

I brought this to my MIL birthday BBQ, and everyone goes "so cute"!
After a few "so cute", the 2 bamboo steamers were empty!


Alice said...


Those chip & Dale Puen Kueh are so adorable:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the recipe.


Cookie said...

Glad you like them.

I used the cookie stamp cos I do not have the traditional puen kueh mold. So just had to think hard and use what I have!

Hi Jess,
It worked for me, hope you worked for you as well.


Art of Eating said...

It sure looks good. Thanks for sharing. This's one of those Puen Kueh that long for to make.

Carrie said...

Hi cookie,

Haha! I like your puen kueh! So cute!! I'm sure it'll be a hit among the kiddos!


Cookie said...

Hi AoE,
It is not difficult to make but trying to make up the skin thinly (yet not tear) will need some practice!

Hi Carrie,
Kids and adults all attack this. Clear proof that looks sell!


dk said...

yr creativity juice has strike again! impressed! keep it flowing. =)

Cookie said...

Hi dk,

But still not enough to entice you, apparently.


javapot said...

wow, it is cute - so much patience. and tks so much for sharing the recipe.

Cookie said...

Hi Javapot,
I owe it to my colleague who is so willing to share the recipe.


agapejen said...

Hi Cookie
I tried out the recipe today, the filling part is ok but I can't get the dough right. After I have added the boiling water, the mixture becomes very watery, no way it will form to a dough.... can you please help?
After you have poured the hot water, how does the mixture look like? what must I do to make it to a dough?
I have the fillings in the fridge now, waiting to be wrapped.... woo woo :(

Cookie said...

Hi agapejen,

Once the hot water is added, the dough will start to thicken.

Did you check:
1) water must be boiling.
2) did you use the correct flour - it should be rice + tapioca flour, not the plain flour which is used for baking.

Once rice flour mix with hot boiling water, it will become thick and dough like after stiring to mix the water evenly with the flour. No further steps to get it to look like dough.

This is the same way to yam cake etc, and the rice flour will thicken without any issue. So I suspect either the temp of water or the wrong type of flour being used.

Pls let me know how it goes.

Good luck!

agapejen said...

Thanks Cookie
I know where I went wrong. I used the hot water from the thermo flask and so the rice flour did not thicken. I tried again this evening and it is ok... except that i as so anxious to get it right that I forgot the colouring.
THank you very much for your prompt response and guidiance.

Cookie said...

Hi agapejen
Glad that you got it right now. :-)

Yes, the amount of water is quite key too!