Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Otah Bun

We made this for breakfast. But Sheen and I had to live with the plain bun cos the otah is really really spicy. Not the thing for our dedicate tastebud!

J who had this said the otah is very good. Also, being homemade, there's more otah than bread in the bun!!!

This is the brand of Otah we used. Mum gave it to me, so I can't tell u where buy them. But if you see them, do give it a try. Sis also had a pack, and she gave 2 thumbs UP to this otah!


Art of Eating said...

Muar otah prawn is my favourite

Cookie said...

Oh... did you get the prawn otah in SG?

I am looking for them too.


Art of Eating said...

I got it thru' a friend fm Muar

Cookie said...

Thanks YY ... looks like have to make a trip just for feed out hungry tummy!