Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chocolate Cupcake

This is what I baked for the primary school gathering more than a month ago. These days I have little time to bake, and even less time to blog... sigh.

Anyway I quite like the pictures here. Sheen, then just watched Monster vs. Alien, loved heroine Susan so much. He told me to share the cupcakes with Susan:

Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe from here.

I thought of this recipe cos I saw Art of Eating baking this recently so came my cravings. I doubled the qty and got about 35 cupcakes.

But becos of the limited space in my wok, I have to bake them instead. I felt it loses the m-factor when baked. Next time will stick to steaming.


Anncoo said...

Wonder how my cupcakes Susan ate...haha...

Cookie said...

Haha... no amount of cupcake is ever for my almightly Susan!!!

Art of Eating said...

Yummy cuppies, look for good. I like the topping you did, so elegant looking.

Cookie said...

Hi AoE,
Thanks...The topping is a simple swirl using Wilton tip 2E (I think).