Monday, July 20, 2009

Yeast... the soul of bread

I happened to find fresh yeast, or cake yeast as it is sometimes called, at a bakers' supplies in Hong Kah Point. Adventurous as I can get, I bought a block. It's 500g for $2.50.

I know 500g is helluva yeast but now that my electric stand mixer is broken, bread is the next thing I can make.

Also, if you read recipes like a novel as I do, you will know that every baker raves how fresh yeast produces bread with better texture and flavour. I guess its time for me to validate the claims now ;-)

If you are also keen to make your life more difficult by ditching the instant yeats, here's the some guidelines I have gathered:

  • To convert recipes calling for fresh compressed yeast to instant yeast: Use 0.4 times the weight; e.g. 10g dry yeast = 25g freah yeast
  • Cake yeast should be white or light brown in color and crumble easily. It should have a pleasant yeasty smell. If it is dark brown, moldy, soft or gummy, it is either spoiled or has been stored improperly; simply discard.
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  • Cake yeast must be kept refrigerated or frozen because cake yeast is highly perishable. It must be used before the expiration date if stored in the refrigerator, but you have more leeway if stored in the freezer. It has a refrigerated shelf life of about three to four weeks from the date of manufacture and can be frozen up to three months. (my notes: some website says if frozen, shelf life is infinite)
  • Do not leave fresh yeast out of the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes.

I have already calculated the yeast qty in all my favourite recipes :-)


nyonya pendek melaka said...

cookie, these are very useful tips to know. how long can the fresh yeast be kept?

nyonya pendek melaka said...

oopps...sorry, just re-read and saw my Q has been answered :D

Cookie said...

Hi npm,
No problem at all!