Friday, July 17, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

Thanks Anncoo for passing the Kreativ Blogger Award.
It's been awhile since we play this tagging game, so I am more than game to do this on a boring Thursday night (or Friday morning).

1. I am a Singaporean, and proud to be a Singaporean. But I cannot understand why we call ourselves a first world country, yet we act like 3rd world when the MRT door opens!

2. I am one of those rare middle class family who do not have a maid (domestic helper, to be politically correct). Incidentally only upper class people in first world country has a maid to order.

3. People still go "agh" whenever I declare that I am the official maid to my 2 babies at home.

4. My 2 babies - one by birth, one by marriage

5. The most stressful question to me is "how are you"- are you really interested to know that how I am or you just ran out of things to say?

6. Watching Little Sheen's development is one of the 7 wonders on earth, and I am just glad not to missed any of those. Even if it means foregoing a couple of progressions in work (I never think that as a career, btw)!

7. On that note, btw, it is important to say here that I love my job, just in case my boss is also reading this!

I have to pass this on to the bext 7 bloggers.... Urm, now let me hit the sack first and think thru on my dreams!

Have a Happy Friday, and great weekend ahead!


Anonymous said...

Haha, I love reading through your 7 facts, particularly the MRT bit :P My household doesn't have a domestic helper either, and I don't think I'll have one when I have my own house later. My mom would kill me if I do! :P

npm said...

yr point 1 & 7 are funny! btw, nice mango sago!

Cookie said...

Hi ovenhaven,
I notice the malays families are usually more hands-on when comes to family matters - e.f cooking, baking, parenting etc.

That's a great culture!

Disclaimer - I am a chinese, not anti-chinese...

Hi npm
Thanks for coming by!