Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Easy Mango Yoghurt Ice Cream (manual method)

Wanna join me for some ice cream on a scorching hot afternoon like today?

I need to use up some mangoes cos my family were all not well (finger crossed, not H1N1) and collectively refused to consume those mangoes that were on the verge of overriped. Decided to make them into sherbet that my nieces love! This recipe adapted from aunty yochana is good cos I can enjoy home-made ice cream without investing in an ice cream maker!

No Churn Mango Yoghurt Ice Cream

300 gm. fresh mangoes
20 gm. sugar (sweetness depends on how sweet the fruits are, taste and add more along the way)
200 gm. whipping cream
200 gm. yoghurt (preferably mango flavoured) - original qty 100g
Juice from 1 lemon

(1) Measure yoghurt, sugar, mango and lemon juice into the blender directly. Blend until it becomes smooth.
(2) Whisk whip cream until stiff.
(3) Fold (1) into whipped cream.
(4) Pour into a container and freeze overnight until it's firm.


My Notes:

  • I have reduced the sugar drastically from 100 to 20g cos mango is sweeter than strawberries.

  • I find that President UHT Liquid Whipping Cream (avail at most supermarket) taste better though it is more difficult to whip. The easy option is to use non-dairy whipping cream as Aunty Yochana does.

  • Ice cream will taste less sweet when frozen, so need to make it slightly sweet before folding into the whipping cream.

  • Pakistanist Mango is in season now; it does not look appetising cos the pulp looks very pale... but it tastes terrific! In contrast, R2E2 which looks good was not as great when used in ice cream.

  • I used more yoghurt to use up the leftovers, and also to up the nutrient value. You can use less if desire.

  • I find that the lemon juice lifts the taste of fruit, accentuates the flavour of mango. I won't skip this :-)

The homemade ice cream is of pale yellow which is closer to ivory. The mango taste is authentic despite being light - I probably will increase the amount of mango to 500g next round. Another easy (and cheaper option) is to add mango essence or emulco but for homemade goodness, I won't take that route. Go ahead and call me snob *GRIN*


Anncoo said...

Oh..I love this, will definitely want to try it.

Cookie said...

Hi Anncoo,
use a sweet sweet mango and you wont regret! *wink*