Friday, July 10, 2009

My Angel

We had a gathering with my primary school classmates and teacher last weekend. Great, Sheen had companions to play with. Few kids came with the portable game machine, PSP and Game Boy. Sheen derived enormous mystifiying joy from watching others play the game. Not from playing them. Several occasions we offered to buy him one but he declined politely.

While I was busy catching up with my old friends I heard the familar sounds reasoning with his new friend:

>May I just watch you play?

> The girl turned the game console to an angle that he would see nothing. Then he moved to the side where he can continue to watch the playing.

> I only want to see, I won't disturb you or take your game away. Can I?

> Once again, the girl moved the game console away from Sheen. Pay little heed to what he had just said.

Seeing what happened, I swiftly moved to Sheen and squat in front of him to tell him how he made me proud to have done the right thing by asking and reasoning patiently. If his friend does not want to share for her own reasons, he should just move on respectfully.

I do not know if I could have done anything better to mitigate his disappointment but he sure had made me believed that god had sent me an angel 4 yrs ago!

Check Spelling
This Angel Food Cake is for you, Sheen.

This is my little glummy boy on a Monday morning:


Anncoo said...

WOW! This cake looks so soft.

Art of Eating said...

Really envy all of your efforts for staying in touch with primary classmates & teacher.

So sweet of your son. Sudden felt he was such a sensible boy.

I love the texture of your angel food cake.

dk said...

i'm impressed by his mannerism.

Cookie said...

Hi Anncoo,
The cake is really soft - the sides cave in when I tried to remove it from the paper case!

Hi AoE,
I had longed to have a daughter but he kindda makeup for it!

The cake is fluffy and light but a tad sweet for me.


muimui said...

Such a darling boy - you are blessed with a wonderful child. Do guide him well and nurture him so he grow up to become a wonderful young man...

Cookie said...

we are all blessed in 1 way or another. I guess for me, it's the wonderful child!!!

Believe it or not, I was first surprised then impressed!


dk said...

i was also thinking. Wld that had been an opportunity to teach him EQ or negotiation skill? =) ahaha

Cookie said...


Yeah, it could have been an opportunity but I was thinking - this was his first time "negotiating", if he tried so hard yet failed, he may lose faith in this "method".

But I did use this incident to teach him empathy skills. Making him think how the girl's behaviour affected him.

Most of my colleague thinks I expect too much from a 4 year old!!!


Maya said...

Awwww...ur son is just too sweet and very sensible too. You brought him up well :)

Cookie said...

Thanks Maya. I had my weakness too - I am never patient enough to help with his academics.

Only glad that i never compromised on values!