Saturday, July 25, 2009

Of the under-baked Angel Food Cake

This is my failed Angel Food Cake.

The part on the crown is still wet... it can't be underbaked cos this is the part that sits on the black baking tray... not likely to be unbaked at this part.

I have been thinking hard what causes it... anyone any idea?


Art of Eating said...

I have never made a Angel food cake before.

The cooked part of the cake look very soft. If the bake is successful, it should be good right ? If the taste is right, could it be the pan. perhaps you may try baking on different type of pan.

加油 !

Halimah said...

Actually, I've never come across a cake problem like this. Like you said it should be browned cos its the bottom of the pan. Do you think it could be a case of the egg whites not whipped sufficiently that it sinks to the bottom?

Last time I remember when I first started learning how to make meringue, I'll always end up with a layer of egg white collecting at the bottom of the mixer cos somemore I just could not get a stiff meringue.

Cookie said...

Hi Halimah,
Thanks for sharing your views.... now that you mentioned, I do think so.

The angel food is also meringue-based, so yep, I see a common cause.


Cookie said...

Hi AoE,
Yes, teh cooked part is really soft...

I used the silicon pan for this cos I do not want to buy an angel food pan specially for this cake only...