Friday, October 2, 2009

Baileys Tiramisu Snowskin Mooncake

Made some more mooncake to try out the snowskin premix.
  • Bailey's Tiramisu
  • Rose snowskin
For the Bailey's: I simply followed the instruction on the package; but replaced 50% of the water with bailey's. As for the filling, I used the tiramisu paste.

For the rose, I add 1 tsp of Nielsen Massey rose water to the otherwise plain "skin". I thought this would have the mooncake "feminine"... but surprise surprise, my nieces told me the mooncake smells "yacky". =p

In anycase, i am happy to achieve 50% hit rate; my buddy D sms to tell me the bailey's snowskin is YUM!


Anncoo said...

These look good. Never try to buy premix flour before, is it sweet?

Anonymous said...

ah big fan of baileys.
i bet it was a big hit among everyone!
maybe i should start making mooncakes next year.
havent tried!
looks fun :P

Cookie said...

Hi Anncoo,
Surprising, this premix taste ok - not too sweet.

Honestly, all that's in the "premix" is koufen and icing sugar. The taste and everything else taste the same as our start-from-scratch snowskin... IMHO, it's not worth paying the extra bucks.

I bought to test-test only!

Yeah, I love baileys. I add it to my ice cream, coffee, cookies dough, butter cakes (to replace milk)!

Mooncake is simple and fun... you gotta to try them next year!


petite nyonya said...

All your mooncakes turned out really well. You've made so many! Very interesting use of flavors too.

Cookie said...

hi petite nonya,
thanks... I had fun playing with all different ingredients :-)

Join me next year k.

Acucina Bakes said...

Hi Cookie, fantastic pretty mooncakes! I'm wondering how do u make the tiramisu paste?

Cookie said...

Hi Acucina Bakes
The tiramisu paste was stored-bought.