Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm in Heaven... (part 1)

well, almost.

This is certainly our best holiday so far. At least this is what Sheen thinks.

There are probably no more than 12 rooms (or villa) in the Japamala Resort @Tioman, but have about 30 staff! So you can imagine the attention and pampering.

Their servise is so personalised that 1 of the evening, we decided to skip dinner, and just munch on our loadful snacks (a kiasu singaporean traits, haha). A staff came knocking on our door to inform that the kitchen is about to close, and if we need dinner.

Having said, they are actually quite discreet about their service. They will only show up to tidy the room/ turn down, etc when you are out of the villa. So you can imagine, each time you reappear into the room, something magical appear like the candles lited, the aroma burner replenished, chocolates on your bed, ice water refilled in your flask.

I had a hard time trying to organise the pix in a single post so I will be breaking them up into several shorter ones....

This is our spacious villa. The "wall" behind the bed is actually a screen covering steps to the bathroom and walk in wardrobe. The beauty of the resort that it stays so true to the original landscape. It is built accordingly to the terrain, so it means that the villa may not be constructed on level ground.

there are private sun bath decks in our patio. The bamboo screen behind the deck chairs conceals the open plunge pool/shower area:

with lush jungle behind the pool, I was wondering what happens if the monkey snatches my towel away... hahaha:

view from our door step:

Large wash up area, with another bath tub!

I like what they have done to blend into the environment. Look that the big rock forming a backdrop in the toilet!


mui mui said...

wonderful getaway... you sure deserve the good break!

mui mui said...

wonderful getaway... you sure deserve the good break!

Cookie said...

thanks... will be even better if your family can join us!


mui mui said...

we are now planning a holiday in Dec (6th to 12th, maybe) to, eh... unexciting relative to your laid-back luxurious Tioman, M'sia. Keen to join us?

Cookie said...

mui mui,
dec should be ok if I can fit into my travel plan... let me know k.