Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Much ado about Nothing (Holiday - Part 2)

During our 5-day hideout in this amazing resort, walking along the beach was the order of the day. We walked in the morning after breakfast, we walked in the evening before dining.

They said kids has no patience for repetitive activities but certainly not the case for Sheen.

he adores the sun and sand:

and the rocks. He's favourite game on beach is throwing "lychee" (sand) on the rocks:
Far down the beach, we watched the family of monkeys strutting their stuff. These are the wild monkey which we can equally see in some parts of Singapore... strangely I do not know why we took such a long walk to watch them here!!!

While you are on holiday, you hurry less, and take time to enjoy the beauty of nature:

will it have bud into a tree next time we come back?

We also managed to catch a few squirrels scurried across the path from our room. They are too fast for our camera!

that's me basking in the glorious sun set into south china sea from the cliff:

Sheen strike a pose with his transformer, Dirt Boss. Interestingly, he who does not like decepticons (they are the bad robots in Transformer) says that Dirt Boss is now converted to an Autobat (aka "good guys"):

Though the resort has no mobile phone coverage, there's internet connectivity. Only a pity that it is pretty unstable... and half the time not working. Signal also on holiday?!

Sheen reading the morning news at breakfast. btw, the resort also has no newspaper. This is the setting for our breakfast... will post more next entry.

On top, we also had a snorkelling trip to Ringgis Island (cost RM280 per couple), 1 hour trip to the town. Though Tioman is a duty free zone, don't count shopping as an activity. We managed to crawl in and out of the duty free shop in 20min flat!

The resort provides lots of dvds which the guest can bring back to the room to watch... haha, I have already watched all the latest movies in-flight! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

good to hear that you have a nothing to do holiday, but to do what we do least, that is to relax and just enjoy the presence of your love ones. thanks for sharing all your baking skills and tips plus your yummy receipes. cheers
best regards

Cookie said...

Thanks Lori for dropping by.

I fully agree with you, we had a great bonding time together!