Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holiday - final instalment

In all my routine travels, I am so used to the lavish buffet line at breakfast. So this is a nice break from the tradition. Some items on the buffet table: but mostly are ala carte; you order from the menu and it will be served fresh to you. They have really wonderful fruit juice menu!

We eat on a pavillion like this:
However, lunch and dinner gets a little boring when you have just 2 restaurants to chose from. Thai or Italian.
Room service is not really an option cos the room get pretty hot in the afternoon. The single aircon unit is simply not sufficient to beat the topical heat.
Two, there's no phone for you to dial and place order.
Third, the ants attack any remnant food fairly quickly. We were so so careful when snacking in the room.

The one here is the award winning Tamarind Restaurant. Sheen knows fine dining who he sees one:

the hut behind Sheen is a jetty cum italian restaurant. In the day, this is where the angmoh sunbaths on the deck. At night, it turns into a very romantic dining spot. Imagine eating under the stars with sea breeze and the lapping waves from the surging tide:
I took and cropped this pix. I think it has the professional look:

All things come to an end... time comes when we have to go back to civilisation!
Sheen's face says he's not quite ready to go home:

Bye Bye Tioman:
Back to SG - this is Seletar Golf Course:

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