Saturday, October 10, 2009

Black Forest Cake

This is yet another item that needs to be cleared from my fridge - the leftover cherries from dearie dot's birthday cake.

Don't ask me how it taste, I never get to see and smell the cake after I left it with my colleague!

She only called me a few days later to tell me how scrumptious the cake are... heehee, call me skeptics but I only take her words had I tasted it :-)


Art of Eating said...

Hey ! Got the look got the style. Nice end result. hahaha ... It shouldn't be anything worst.

Anncoo said...

WOW! This is so beautiful and so nicely decorated :D

muffinsareuglycupcakes said...

nice presentation of the cake.
im sure it tastes as awesome as it looks!

Cookie said...

Thanks Ladies, I am humbled by all your kind words... May I bake the next one in tribute to you!


mui mui said...

sorry that I did not have a chance to get it from you... will i get another one please?

Cookie said...

mui mui,
i wanted to send the cake over but so difficult to reach you.

In the end, Sheen and I have 1 slice each on Sunday night, then dump all the rest! Heartache leh!