Monday, July 28, 2008

Ice Cream Muffin

I enjoy experiencing and playing with unusual ingredients like Mayonnaise and beer. And had pretty good results with those bakes. So when I saw this Ice Cream Muffin at Kitchen Capers, I promptly put on my apron!

I changed 2 things:

  • I do not like Green Tea, so I used coffee ice cream instead.
  • Instead of chocolate chips, I used the Valrhona Araguani (72% cocoa) nugget.

The recipe looks deceptively easy with few ingredients but the batter was very very dry, so I added additional 100ml of water. You can see that I didn't mix the water very well cos I didn't want to end up with hard muffin (science: excessive stirring will form gluten).

The muffin ain't exactly how I thought it should be... The taste and texture is more like the chinese Huat-Kwe :-( It could be due to the different ice cream that I use... maybe... but I certainly won't bake this again until I find out what's wrong :-(

250ml Green tea yogurt ice cream
200g Self raising flour
100g chocolate chips
3 tbsp sugar

1. Leave ice cream out on room temperature till it melts into liquid state.
2. Add sugar, flour and mix till well combined.
3. Add chocolate chips in and mix.
4. Pour into muffin cases or silicone muffin tray.(about 3/4 full)

5. Bake in preheated oven 180C for 15 to 20 mins.
(my oven took 20min... pix is the muffin baked for 15min... you can see some partion still a bit wet)

6. Remove to cool slightly.

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gina said...

hello, the batter is supposed to be lumpy and sticky. if its 'kueh' like, then the flour is old(absorbs more liquid). Don't add water..but use milk instead. You can use low fat milk. This recipe can be made into a log cake.. Which my fren Stefanie made for her frens every Christmas, using Ben and Jerry ice cream or Haagan Daz. Have fun!