Tuesday, March 10, 2009

betty bake a better butter cake

It has been a while since I made some buttercream. An "addicted" colleague who absolutely adores buttercream gently reminded me that.

This is the same butter cake recipe. I just dressed them up with some buttercream and heart-shaped candies

I realised that my photography really CMI (cannot make it). How I envy other bloggers who can showcase their pretty cake with great photography. J counts photography as his hobby but had never offer to take any photo for me.... $#%&*!


Art of Eating said...

Hahaha .. i always envy those who post nice nice picture of their food at the blog too. (same sentiment)

For me i take picture using my handphone and can upload right away. Nice excuse huh...

Art of Eating said...

You know what .. i think your butter cake are better than my bake today.

Cookie said...


If you ever come across a photograhy course, we should sign up together :-)

I suppose we all have our favourite butter cake recipe agh.

I want to tell u this - brought some to give my MIL and told her it's butter cake. She took a bite then put it down... and said... why got butter smell!


Maya Yunos said...

Awww...I understand wat u meant. I wish I could take nice pics too. Some of our fella bloggers take such good photographs that it look just like a pullout from a mag!

Cookie said...

Hey gals,

I just found this site that explains (in detail) how to take perfect pictures...

Hope you find them useful. (I'm reading it now)

Art of Eating said...

Thanks Cookie, good finding on the photo taking blog.

As for buttercake need butter taste mah, otherwise not butter cake liao. Sorry dear.