Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pineapple Muffin with Wholemeal Strussel

This is the same recipe, but (i) replaced the fruits with pineapple, (ii) using the wholemeal flour(instead of plain flour) for the strussel, (iii) used an egg.

(i) the fruit is ok but it is too heavy.... all sunk to the bottom. Perhaps chopping it more finely will help, I wonder.

(ii) the intent to make it more fibrous by using wholemeal flour was a flop. It turned out to be so hard... so next time if you want healthier choice: go for 30min jog after the muffin or.... just look at the picture :-)
(iii) I think I will need to do a blind test for the "egged" & "eggless" version to see if it makes any difference to the flavour. Till then, I will gladly make them eggless.

Btw, I was glad to have achieved the peaky top that I adores!

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