Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Caffe Pralet

Finally I set my foot into Cafe Pralet, an extension of the culinary school Creative Culinaire.

The first time, it was a weekday afternoon, so the place was quiet and serene. Perfect for a lazy afternoon tea.

2nd visit on a Saturday afternoon. There were 2 big groups... so you can imagine the noise level in a carpet-less, curtain-less confined space!!!

Ambience apart, the food is really good. In 2 trips, we tried Low Calorie Laksa (on both occasions - I love it!), Herb Grill Pork Chop with Black Pepper Sauce, Chicken and Sausage baked rice, summer strawberry and country apple cake.

Laksa is as "lemak" as those you get in the 5 star hotel. The menu says half the coconut milk is replaced with milk. I do not know who much truth in it but I marvel that the right level of richness despite not having the element of coconut milk. Having said my friend thought it was too rich.

Pork Chop is a tad too tough for me though the seasoning, and the sauce were flavourful!

Baked rice is pretty standard fare.

The winner is the shouldn't surprise anyone afterall this is the chef Judy Koh's forte, ya?

The apple cake is so good.... it got me wander to the school next door to see if they teach this. The apple is so fresh and crunchy that willhave you thinking you are eating the apple whole!

Summer Strwberry is layers of featherlight sponge cake with starwberry mousse. I only wished she uses Korean strawberry which is a sweeter variant.

My take: Go during off-peak hours so that you can enjoy the excellent pastries in peace. The caffe also provide free wifi so you know where to go where Starbucks is full house!

Cafe Pralet by Creative Culinaire
Eng Hoon Mansion #01-03/04
17 Eng Hoon Street,
Singapore 169767
Tel: 63241663


dk said...

Ha!I've been there too. there is a coffee shop some distance away (at one secluded corner, actually) that serve very nice pork chop rice. The owner's daughter learn to bake cake at the next door. I saw her there. =P [spying..hee]

Cookie said...

Yoh, coffee shop's daughter learn baking?

*grin* swee boh?