Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Macaron Tartlette: where's my feet?

I have to say upfront that I do not like to eat Macaron. It is so sacchariny sweet that acts on my sensitive teeth, making me grimace!

I only take this as a challenge... you know how tricky it is to make macarons; the batter cannot be too thick or too thin, cannot make on a rainy day, oven cannot be too hot, cannot use fresh egg (who keeps stale egg at home, btw) blah blah blah....

I thought the macaron tartlet will be just right for me since it is half challenge (macaron top) and half to savour (tart).

As it turned out, my macaron had no feet... which does not qualify as macaron... As to why there's no feet; I honestly do not know. I had followed the recipe to a T; egg white was aged for 48 hours, full quantity of sugar; weather was hot and sunny day....

Anyway while you are at this, take a look at Aunty's beautiful Tartlette. YES, it is mean to be this beautiful!

PS: Am not posting the recipe cos Aunty Yochana is conducting classes on these tartlette, so it is inappropriate for me to post the recipe.

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