Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My sad sad Vegan Tofu Cheesecake

This has been a constipated recipe that took me a long long while to figure out. Far challenging than I thought!

This is my fourth attempt at it and I am and embarassed to say that the recipe is still a WIP; the cake is still lack structure. The problem is either too little konnyaku powder or I have not processed this correctly. I stirred in the saucepan over low fire until it dissolved. I do not know if it's necessary to bring it to boil for it coagulate.

Sorry Chunpman , after the long wait this is all you get :-(


Vegan Tofu Cheesecake *

* Recipe still under construction. Use it at your own risk :-)


70g digestive biscuits (I made my own vegan shortbread)
30g butter (see note1)
250g siken tofu
180g pineapple juice
1 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp konnyaku powder
30g honey
50g lemon juice (3tbsp+1tsp)

1. preheat oven to 180C. lightly grease a 6” springform pan. (or 5" if you want it taller)
2. crush biscuit and press biscuit & butter into the pan. bake for 10min. leave to cool.
3. in a pot, heat pineapple juice to near boil. Dilute cornstarch with some hot pineapple juice in a bowl. Then add to the pot. Add konnyaku powder gradually, and stir until dissolves. leave to cool (~30min).
4. in a blender, combine tofu, honey, lemon juice with pineapple juice mixture and blend for 1 min.
5. pour the blended mixture onto the baked crust and refrigerate 3-4 hours.
6. serve cold, and enjoy plain or decorated with fruits.


Note 1: I must confess that using butter rendered this cheese non-vegan though it can be easily addressed by using margarine. My colleague told me he gets non-hydrogenated margarine (which means it contains no trans-fat) in Melbourne but I have yet to find them on our shelves.

Incidentally, I find it convenient to use the individually packed butter when the recipe calls for small amount. Each pack is 10g, so I just take out the number required each time.


Art of Eating said...

Interesting Tofu Cheesecake with challenge. How does it taste ?

I like the idea of using individual pack, small portion butter.

Cookie said...

There's no taste of cheese =p.
It is very light, predominanted by the sweetest and aroma of pineapple juice.

It was the thing I enjoyed on that hot afternoon (though it was more like eating tofu mousse...)


Anonymous said...

Try using extra firm tofu and blending in a blender with your other ingredients. Do not put over hear and add a little oil, and vanilla extract. I like to a bit of sweetner like sugar, sucanot or something. Blend until smooth and bake in a graham cracker crust at 350 for about 30 minutes. See if that helps firm up your cheesecake! Best wishes.

Cookie said...

thanks for your tips. I will try it out... in a wee-bit portion shortly!

chumpman said...

Hi, Cookie

4th attempt ? I really appreciated your great effort on it, Cookie. Taste like tofu mousse ? Hm..........drool !
As a big fan of cakes, cookies and breads, I'm still too coward to try baking yet(blushed). I decided to have my 1st attempt later next week with rice cooker instead of an oven, guess that will be easier for me, hehe. Keep my fingers crossed. Cheers ^_^

Cookie said...

Hi Chumpman,

A journey of million miles begins with a step. Take a first step, and before u know, you will be dying to bake more!

I hope all turn out well for your maiden bake - rice cooker cake (cake, I suppose, cos I never heard of rice cooker cookie, heehee)

Tell me about it!