Monday, March 2, 2009

Milo Chocolate Chip Cookie (eggless)

I learned this cookie from my blogger friend at Berry Food. Since Sheen loves milo, I thought he would love this... It is a simple recipe which can be easily made without an electric mixer.

I stick to most part of the recipe except these few changes:
  • omitting the egg, as usual

  • slightly less sugar (but 70g is actually alright... I'm just trying out)

  • instead of beating the leaveners with butter, I sift them together with flour and only added them in the final stage.


Milo Chocolate Chip Cookie (eggless)
adapted from Berry Food

110g butter, softened to room temperature
60g castor sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup Milo
10ml milk
60g Hershey semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
150g Gold Medal Unbleached flour
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 tsp biscarbonate of soda
some M&Ms for decorations

1. Beat butter and sugar till smooth.

2. Stop when butter is smooth like this. This is not cake, so there's no need to beat till fluffy. Beat in milk and vanilla extract.

3. Add in milo first then chocolate chips.
4. Finally sift in flour mixture (flour+ cream of tartar + tsp biscarbonate of soda), and stir until till well mix. The dough is quite stiff (you can see him from where he pivot his hand on the wooden spoon), but my big boy Sheen is strong enough to manage ;-)
5. Shape the dough using a small teaspoon and place on the baking tray. No pix cos I was shaping with him, so can't take picture with my messy hands.
BTW, this is a very stiff dough which makes shaping very easy. Decorate with M&Ms if wish. I use the normal eating M&Ms which is why it cracked after baking. It should be fine if you use a baking M&Ms.
Also, this cookie only spread a little so you can do some space planning on your baking tray. Mine was too far apart liao!
6. Bake @ 175c for about 15mins. You can't miss this cos when the timing is about to be up, your kitchen will be engulfed with the milo smell!

This is a short baking session which Sheen and I enjoyed on a weekday night.


Art of Eating said...

Cool little Chef~Sheen.

What a great bonding time !

Cookie said...

Yes YY, all thanks for your easy recipe!

dk said...

=)a pastry master in making.

Cookie said...

Thanks... but he said wanted to work in my office when he grows up ;-)

This chap doesn't know what he's getting himself into!!!