Tuesday, March 3, 2009

who wants to live forever?

D said to me: Sasha is fortunate to have outlived Oreo and Cookie.

Left to right: Oreo, Cookie, Sasha

Honestly I do not know if it is a good thing to live a ripe old age. Not especially when you have to grapple with the age-related illness like cataract.

It all started with one eye, and recently I noticed that the other eye also develop a white membrane... My sweetest cross-angora rabbit is now over 10 years old, really old going by rabbit's average life span of 6-8years, to even wonder why it happen.

These days, I ask myself alot more whys and whats than enjoying his company.
  • should I serve his fav alfalfa or the healthier timothy?
  • should I groom him or leaving him enjoyed quiet moments?
  • should he be operated or to breathe the fresh air in darkness? (advance medical directive wil be helpful here)
I am like a parent caught in between the good and evil. But writing is good. It makes things alot clearer. I'm gonna worry less, and enjoy the last bits of our time more.
And yes, I am going to bake him the bunny cookies tonight!

Late Oreo and Cookie (left), they are brothers from the same litter

The 2 brothers used to take turns to guard the food.
Sasha will get chased away when he tried to get near.

I love the fur-ball posture that Cookie enjoyed getting into.


dk said...

tis is the 1st time i seen this pic. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Awww, such lovely bunnies! I hope Sasha will get better soon. I don't have a pet right now, but I've been through my best friend's harsh times with her hamsters. And you're right, with old age, comes all the ailments, and you find yourself wondering what's best for the poor little thing.

I'm sure that Sasha appreciates what you're doing for him. And with those bunny cookies, I don't think it could be any better :)

Cookie said...

dk, these are really old pic... I dug it out from the external hard disk!

many thanks for your empathy! I could only dreamed that Sasha will get better. Or at least enjoys his last journey before he goes to the rainbow's end.


Art of Eating said...

Treasure that special moments, though it hurts.

Cookie said...

Hi YY,
I am grateful for everyday that Sasha is alive! And every moment is special to me :-)

Like the saying, live every day like there's no tomorrow!

With thoughts,