Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cranberry Cupcake Again

I do not usually bake the same recipe twice save for some exceptional ones like vegan cos there are too many recipes out there to distract me! BUT this cranberry is indeed exceptional just for the creator (Gina) personally dropping by. :-)

Taking note of her comments, I baked this cranberry cuppies again.

1) no need to plump up cranberries separately.
2) no need to thin down yoghurt.
3) cupcake should brown in the normal conventional oven.

Funny thing is, the cupcake still didn't brown after 40min. To ensure I do not end up throwing away all the over-baked cupcake, I took all but one out of the oven after 25min. The one that had stayed on the oven was dried and hard, as expected. It goes to proof that the oven is a very individual thing!

Despite this little glitch, the cuppies is as yummy as it should be. Go try it out soon!

Oh btw, this is the first time I am frosting the cuppies properly. In the past, I would just apply the butter cream like spreading on the bread. Why? I always have this phobia that the butter cream will ooze out of the pipe tip like tap so I was kindda hesitant. Funny right. So this time round was like an adventure for me!

It is actually very simple. I used the Wilton 1M tip. Insert it into the piping bag (avail from any baking supplies like Phoon Huat). Tightly the piping bag by twisting the top of the bag. Apply some pressure and the butter cream will swirl very nicely!

You can go to Wilton's website to see the step by step instructions:

For me, I am sure I need lots and lots of practices before the cupcakes can look more appealing.


This is my fav buttercream recipe - it stays up well at room temperature. Perfect for our weather!

RECIPE for Butter cream

6 tbsp AP Flour
2 cups of Milk
2 cups of unsalted butter, softened
2 cups of sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract

1. Cook flour + milk in a saucepan until the mixture is thick and smooth. Leave it to cool to room temperature, about 30min.

2. Beat butter on medium high speed of an electric mixer for ~3min, until smooth and creamy.

3. Gradually add sugar, vanilla extract. Beat continuously for another 3min until fluffy.

4. Add the cooled milk mixture, and beat on medium high speed for 5min, until very smooth and whiter in colour.

5. Cool and refrigerate for 15min. Use immediately.

recipe source: More from Magnolia.

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