Friday, July 18, 2008

High Fibre Pumpkin Seed Bread

I am living up to my blog name - even my daily bread is baked in the cupcake mould! *GRIN*

I picked up this book "Baking Code" by Alex Goh just 2 days ago. The bread recipe are all based on sponge and dough (S&D) method. I read up on this method and learnt that :

  • the long proving time in S&D stabilises the dough, which in turn enables sufficient hydration of the dough. As a result, ability of dough to hold more moisture is enhanced.

  • Bread baked using this method is moist and soft. (therefore it's not suitable if you prefer chewy instead of soft bread).
  • Long proofing stretches the gluten network of sponge dough results in larger volume bread.


I only baked for 20min, saving the last 5 minutes for a final toast in office so that I can enjoy warm fresh flavour!

A) Sponge:
40g High protein flour, non-sifted
1/8 tsp instant yeast
24g water

To prepare sponge: mix instant yeast with 15g of water until well blended.
Add in the remaining ingredients, and knead to form a dough.
Let it proof for 30min. Wrap in cling film and keep in fridge overnight or up to 48hours.

Main dough:
135g High protein flour, non-sifted
65g Wholemeal flour, non-sifted
6g castor sugar
3g salt
3g instant yeast

80g overnight sponge dough
2 tsp honey
130g cold water

10g shortening

40g pumpkin seed

To prepare main dough:

  1. Mix ingredients (A) until well blended. Add in lingredients (B), knead to form dough.
  2. Add ingredients (C), knead to form smooth and elastic dough. Add ingredients (D), mix until well combined.
  3. Cover it with cling wrap and let it proof for 45 min in a warm place.
  4. Divide dough into 3 portions and mould it round. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes.
  5. Flatten the dough, roll it up, shape it into oblong shape and brush the dough with water. Coat it with pumpkin seed and place it in a greased pan. Allow it to proof for 50min. I kept it in the fridge after the 50min; saved it for early morning to have freshly baked breakfast.
  6. Bake at 200 degC for 20-25min.

Do toast the pumpkin seeds slightly before adding to the bread. Just taste the pumpkin seed before & after toasting, and you will see why the extra step.

Beware this wholemeal bread makes a very hearty meal. Next time, I will shape it into smaller loave so that I do not overstuff myself.

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