Friday, July 25, 2008

Healthy Yoghurt Cupcake

I bought some strawberries with the intent to make the yummy strawberry jam featured in Sunday Times weeks ago. Unfortunately I have been hunting for Sure-Jell pectin, a substance to make the fruit gel, in almost every supermarket I have set foot in, but to no avail.

To save the fate of these berries being tossed out, I decided to make the Healthy Yoghurt Cupcake.

This is the same recipe that I baked last month. It uses yoghurt, egg white and very little butter hence the reduced calorie.

Strawberry: The chopped strawberry bled alot during baking... end up the cake was so soaked at the bottom. I also have to extend the baking time from the usual 25 min to 40min to dry up the bottom a little. What I would in future in to coat the berries with some plain flour - that should help to buffer against the liquid being released into the batter.

Frosting: I think I am I am starting to enjoy the fun of piping... if only it takes less effort to make the buttercream.

Now and...


Berry nice - I love the simple classic look!

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