Monday, July 21, 2008

Glutinous Rice

T0day is Racial Harmony Day. Bevis' school is holding a small celebration and kids are asked to bring traditional food to the share.

I decided to make the glutinous rice as this is what we have for our festive; birthdays, baby shower etc. I am not sure if this is common for all the dialect groups, but certainly a MUST for Hockchias :-)

The glutinous rice is usually served in a big plate... which means that the kids will need forks and plate. To make it more convenient for everyone to handle the rice, I decided to fill the rice into a small individual plastic bags.

See, no mess... so convenient! :-)

Mushroom: Seasoning the mushroom improves its taste. Once the mushroom is softened after soaking, squeeze out the water from the mushroom. Sprinkle some sugar on the underside (white portion) and rub it in. Leave for 10 min before dicing them.

Sausage: In my opinion, sausage, together with dried shrimp, are the key ingredients of the glutinous rice. Sausage's sweetness and saltiness of dried shrimp complement well to create the wonderful flavour!

Dried shrimps: To give it the extra oomph, I normally soaked the shrimps in some brandy after washing. It will taste like XO sauce :-).

BTW, you may need to microwave the shrimp first to dry it before frying. Otherwise the water in it will cos the oil to splatter.

Steam or Fried: There's 2 ways to cook this dish - steaming give you softer rice, and frying makes it less starchy. The choice is yours - depends on what you like.

Unlike baking, the measurements here can be taken as a guide. Feel free to add more or reduce to suit your tastebud!

Glutinous Rice

3 cups glutinous rice, rinsed and soaked overnight or at least 3 hours
1/2 cup dried shrimps, soaked
8 dried chinese mushroom, soaked and diced.
1 pair of chinese sausage, sliced (I left it out for this occasion cos the school is halal)
2~3 cups of water or stock

1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp five spice powder
1 tbsp soya sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce (I use vegetarian oyster sauce)
1 tbsp Sesame seed oil
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp chinese wine
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp salt

spring onion
fried shallots

  1. Heat up veg oil in a wok. Stir fry dried shrimp until fragrant. Take out of the wok and set aside.

  2. Brown the chinese sausage. No need oil as the sausage itself already has fat. Take out of the wok and set aside.

  3. Sauteed the mushrooms in sesame seed oil. Add sugar, five spice powder, soya sauce and oyster sauce. Sauteed for few more minutes before adding 1 cup of water.

  4. When the water starts to steam, add rice to wok. Stir to ensure it does not get burnt. Add more water as required.

  5. Add sausage and dried shrimps. Continue to stir fry until the water has dried up.

  6. If you are steaming the rice, you can pour the rice into a steamer now. Steam for 30min.

  7. If you are stir-frying the rice, continue to add more water as required. Fry until the rice is fully cooked.

  8. Garnish and serve!


chumpman said...

Everyone in my family like glutinous rice especially in winter. I make it similar as your recipe but a lazy version. I cook glutinous rice by electric cooker as I cook regular rice. Stir fry ingredients and glutinous rice and add seasoning.

Cookie said...

In winter? Chumpman, sorry I thought you are in Singapore... how silly of me!

Sometimes I also do the rice-cooker method when no time, but frying does yield better taste. I find it less starchy after stir-frying.

Having said, I believe cooking is something very personal... if you works for you, why not!


Anonymous said...


Where did u get the small plastic bags from & what is the size.

Tks for sharing & I like yr creative idea by filling up the rice into small bags.

Mdm Tan

Cookie said...

Hi Mdm Tan,

I bought the plastic bags from a shop at Woodgrove. There's only 1 shop at the entrance to NTUC; that's the one.

The bag is about 2" wide and 8-10" long (based on my memory), and I trim the length shorter to fit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cookie

Tks for the info but where is Woodgrove & is this a small ziplog bag? I plan to make them for a potluck party.

Mdm Tan

Cookie said...

This is not a ziplock bag. I believe it bag is what people used to use ice bag (sng-pao) when I was young. No need to ziplock cos the oil in the rice will naturally "seal" the opening.

Woodgrove is at Woodlands, the mall next to American School. You may try to check out SKP where there are more outlets around SG. You can check get the link from


Anonymous said...

Hi Cookie

I know where is Woodgrove(near SAS).I will go there for breakfast whenever I go Metro Causeway Pt.

Didn't know 'sng-pao' plastic can do such a nice packaging!

Once again, tks for taking yr precious time to answer my queries.

Mdm Tan

Cookie said...

Hi Mdm Tan,

You are most welcome! Hope you will find what you need soon.

In case you can't find the bags, another alternative is to use the disposable aluminium cup.

Have a good time@ party!