Monday, July 28, 2008

Kooky Art

I signed up for the Cookie Decorating Class at Kooky Art last Saturday. I was hoping to learn some decorating technique but as you can see... it's more of a fun morning for Bevis!
Bevis slurps up all the overflowing icing! Yum!


gina said...

if you wanna learn some piping skills from Kookyart, you should join an adult class. Kookyart's class with kids in mind are designed for kids in mind. everything is done with ease and less mess so the kids can learn and enjoy the classes. The adult that comes along usually end up wiping faces of icing from their kids' face. the way, I added your blog to mine.

Cookie said...

Gina, I know what you mean but adult class doesn't allow kids around...

Will you conduct a parent & child lesson soon? That's so much that I can learn from you!

gina said...

cookie, yes, sometime in late October or mid November when exam period is over. You know how it is like with us SG moms with school going kids. Very kan cheong.