Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Genius R Us

Bevis and I attended a workshop at Genius R Us... To me, this is a getaway rather than for learning; life is much easier when you have all the ingredients laid out for you. No washing, no cleaning up.... Sigh, if only every baking session at home is like that :-)

Back to this workshop, we made 5 items with melted chocolate:

  • strawberry with choc coating.

  • Marshmellow choc with colourful beads.

  • Moulded chocolate

  • cornflakes chocolate cup

  • almond chocolate cluster

There were supposedly another child in the workshop but he/she didn't turn up so we enjoyed the full attention from the 2 jie-jie! This is what we call value for money!

I was so laid back that I forgot to take some photo of the things that we made, save for this moulded chocolate.

As for Bevis, you can see him obviously enjoying himself... slurping up the chocolate every now and then!

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