Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cinnabon from KL

I love cinnamon bun... I had it almost everyday during my 1-year posting to KL.
What a shame they do not have any outlets in Singapore.

Peanut Cinnabon

Classic Cinnabon.


gina said...

hi cookie, actually the cinnbon was made famous in SG years ago. At least more than a decade ago. Shops popping out everywhere in town like bubble tea biz. then many people started to learn to bake it, so biz slowly dying out. If you want the recipe, KC has it. I used to bake this very often too. Coz I also crazy about it at one stage. its basically a bread dough recipe, rolled up like swiss roll with fillings made of cinnamon powder, light brown sugar and baked. :)

mama_bri_bakes said...

Nice to bump into another cinnamon bun lover! i guess it won't help if i told you Cinnabon is also in Manila ;-) That's where I tasted their buns.

Cookie said...

Hi Gina,

The whole trouble of baking this is that I am the only one eating it - hubby and son does not like the taste of cinnamon... end up I have to eat the cinnamon bun for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

Now I rather buy it as and when I come across.

BTW, Great World City used to have a outlet selling cinnamon bun ( i think the shop is called Cinnamon Tree) but also closed few months ago! *Sad*