Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More TangZhong Bread

Using the balance TangZhong, I made them into various flavour - Ham & Cheese, Rum & Raisin and Wolfberries.

Ham & Cheese:

Shaping Method:

  1. Divide the dough into 60g each.

  2. Roll into a triangle.

  3. Put a slice of cheese and ham on the base of the triangle. Roll it up.

  4. Slice the rolled bread into 2. i.e. each triangle = 2 bread
I know this shaping look confusing on words... if you are interested, pls drop me a line, I will draw you the pix and you will immediately know what I mean.

The cheese will melt and spread when baked, making the bread sticks to the baking pan. Next time I will put the sliced bread into the silicon muffin cup to bake for cleaner mess :-)

Rum and Raisin:

I soaked the raisin in rum overnight. Drain and pat dry with kitchen towels before adding to the dough.

Also, I replaced the white sugar with light brown sugar but the browness is still not showing through. Maybe molasses is a better choice - I will find out in my next trial.

Different flavour, same fluffiness.

I made this for my mum... she loves it! It disappears as soon as it is baked... so no photo... Just found 1 lurking in my camera. ha!

This is how it looks after the 2nd proofing. Ready to bake!

The bread is not very evenly baked cos I did this in a small toaster oven. Obviously, size does matter when it comes to oven!


I know wolfberries is full of goodness and tons of benefits... but sorry mum, I really don't like it *pout*!


chumpman said...

The more I read the blogs about cakes, bread and cookies, the more inconsistent I was. I'm a food lover especially desserts but I gain weight easily. Imagine if I can bake (I believe I do), I will need a budget to get new clothes and so, LOL. But I'm sure I will bake soon in the future and my 1st bread will be wolfberries for my mom

Cookie said...


I do believe that you can bake if you want to.

Trust me Chumpman, I have not gained a pound since I started baking a year ago.

I heard that Aunty Yochana, a fantastic baker in SG is very petite!

The beauty of BIY (bake it yourself) is that you make a conscientious choice of the ingredients. You are fully in control to choose healthier ingredients!

Make baking your resolution in 2009! You will delight people around you, including your mum!