Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snow Skin MoonCake

Bevis attended the moon cake making class at Genius-R-Us together with his 2 fav cousins, Gwen In and Gwen Kit last Sunday - in our unique way, a mid autumn festival celebration.

Each of us took back 6 pcs of mooncake. Not bad for the fee that we pay. I only wish they would use the authentic disney mooncake mould... not these!

Mickey Mouse - doesn't look like to me, but that's what the instructor "claim" to be.

Tweedy Bird

Proud Bevis brought the boxes of moon cake to school on the following day to share with his teachers and friends. To a 3-yr-old, he deserves the recognition for begin able to roll, knead and mould the mooncake all by himself!

I won't post the recipe here cos the rights is exclusive to the school. But if you care enough to learn, google and you will find many other blogger's version.

Hello Kitty


Maya said...

I can't help commenting on the "tweedy bird" It reminds me of casper instead! hehehe

Cookie said...

Hi Maya,
Ya, I know what you mean... This is the problem when using non-licenced disney product! haha.