Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to the Classroom!

After attended the Cookie Decorating Class with Kooky Art , I have been checking out the "proper" classes that several chef's offers; Gina's class is usually on weekends, so is Anna and Jocelyn. Believe it or not, it is much much much more difficult for me to take time out from my family than from work! Tsk Tsk.

You can imagine my excitement when I found the Wilton's CookieBouquet class at b-i-y. The class (or workshop, so they name) is held over 2 session; 90min on Sat evening (where Bevis is away for his gymnastic), 2 hours on Friday (where annual leave comes to play).

It is in time to pick up some skills for some Christmas baking, I hope =p

If you are also joining the class on Sep 20 & 26, pls drop me a line so that we can meet up with each other!

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gina said...

I prefer to do weekday classes too. But majority are working and no one sign up weekday lessons. All my weekends are burn doing classes too. :( so now I do weekday classes based on personal/private basis. :)