Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ben 10 Omnitrix

Every boy in this universe must love Ben 10's Omnitrix, the most powerful device in the universe. Sheen got his today:

Sheen shared some with his cousin...

nope... her name is not Gwen :-)
I wish I could mould the fondant omnitrix like Su ... but well, Sheen is excited nonetheless.
Sheen puts it on as soon as class is over. He ever wore it in the class, and got confiscated by this teacher =p
To save time, I used the Wilton cookie icing to do the outline, and the "jelly-like" was piping gel with gel colouring.

All I would say... it's more for the look than for the taste.


dk said...

Poor boy must be very sore with his teacher over the confiscation.. =P

Anonymous said...

Hiya. Where did you buy the striped cupcake mould? :) ,


Cookie said...

Hi dk
Yes, he asked that I help me get it back from his teacher!

He was moody all night until he had his Omnitrix... afterall he emptied his piggy bank to buy the exorbitantly priced toy!

Hi Rin,
The cupcake case is from a store in Gek Poh Shopping Centre, which is located in the western part of Singapore. You like them?


dk said...


i must add u teach yr son well on the finance bit.

choco said...

hey, thumbs up for the effort of those recipes. anyway, do you know where to buy a variety of baking products? like buttermilk, all-purpose flour, white chocolate(a small block). it seems that the baking shop does not cater all or a variety of products. =D

Cookie said...

Hi dk,
He holds the key to my future... gotta teach him well. =P

Hi Choco,
thanks for coming by.

For buttermilk, I normally get it from Cold Storage. Try outlets where angmoh shops like Great World City, HV, UE2, King's Albert Park, Sixth Ave...

For all purpose flour, you can get it from any supermarkets (NTUC). It is simply called plain flour. About ~$1.8/kg
I normally use Gold Medal Unbleached flour which you can find in HV - $6.8 for 2+kg pack.

Have you tried Sun Lik? they have almost everything you need for baking, including white chocolate in various brand and as small as 300g. B-I-Y also carry white choc (only varlhona) but it comes in 500g pack and cost more than Sun Lik!

Let me know if you need more information!


choco said...

really all-purpose flour is also known as plain flour? didnt know bout it. is there a difference? cause from most english recipes it uses all-purpose flour.

sorry too much qns jus feeling bored n restless due to job-hunting. haha..anyway, thanks for the recommendation.:D

Cookie said...

Hi Choco,

Affirmative: APF = Plain flour.

you can read more here:

Baking can be a full time job too ;-)

I am more than happy to share what I know, so you need no feel sorry about the questions.