Monday, April 13, 2009

Sugar-Free Eggless Chocolate Cake

This was made sugarless & eggless for my sister's MIL who is a diabetic patient.

Instead of sugar I use Maltitol Powder:

The advantages of matitol includes
  • fewer calories,

  • does not promote tooth decay and

  • a slow absorption which is important for diabetes.

On the day of delivery, we were aimlessly roaming the shopping mall while waiting for the host, that's when some careless soul bumped my carrier. This is what becomes of the cake:

Fortunately I brought along the chocolate frosting in a piping bag which I was able to do some quick patch up.... but no more 完美!

In anycase, it was great to be part of the celebration - THANKS!

  • the little round thing on the side are valrhona crunchy pearls, avail at Shermay Cooking School.

  • the tri-coloured choc shavings on the circumference are from Sun Lik.


Anonymous said...

Hi May I know where you get the Maltitol Powder? Thanks

Cookie said...

Hi, I get it from you BIY. You can also get them from Phoon Huat

choco said...

hey, do you know what's the temperature to bake any kind of cake? cause when i bake cakes, the middle part is not well bake. why issit so? by the way i'm using a microwave oven.

Cookie said...

Hi choco,

Usually the recipe will state the temperature and time required for baking. the temp is usually 160-180C, and duration depends on the size of the cake. As a general guide, deeper cake will take longer to bake.

If the middle is not well bake, and the top is already done, it means the temperature is too high. You need to lower the temp by 10-20C, and extend the baking time slightly. Check for done-ness every 5min - you know how right?

The microwave oven refers to the convection type is it? If it is the convection type, the temp needs to be lower by ~10C. This is based on my vague recollection from books that I have come across. Sorry I can't you much on the oven.

Do let me know if anything else is not clear :-)

Art of Eating said...

You're so well equip with piping. Good Thoughts !

choco said...

hey, thanks for the advice and recommendations.i lower down the temp and the cake turns out to be soft and delicious. u can see the pics.
thanks alot. ur've been a great help.:)

Cookie said...


You are most welcome. I am really glad to be of help ;-)


Halimah said...

Hey cookie,

Does maltitol leave any weird aftertaste like equal?

Cookie said...


Maltitol is very different from Equal which is basically aspartame.

Aspartame is a unstable compound that will break down under high temp hence create the "weird taste".(see

No one asks me or feedback of the funny taste...(I didn't get to eat it, btw)


Cookie said...

Hi Halimah,

your question triggered me to check up if maltitol is indeed THE one for bakery...

read this -
Go ahead to try it out... and I would really like to hear from you!