Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Mini Clearance 1: Simple Fried Rice

The night before I left for business trip, I foraged the fridge to make sure I clear out all the perishables! Like all you out there, I have an unbelievable amount chucked into the small fridge.

All the subsequent 4 posts were dedicated to the big fridge clearance!!!! All 4 done on a single night!!!


Simple Fried Rice

I have several egg yolks sitting around. These were the by-products of macaron play-aroung. I knew if I were to leave these yolks for another week, its gonna be a journey of no return.

I used it to fry the leftovers rice from weekend meals. Add some sausage that I always stock at home. If I had some mixed vegetables this would be almost a meal by itself.

Yo, the egg yolk gives the rice a beautiful yellow, golden hue! (a pity it's not obvious in the pix).

J had this for hs breakfast the next day.

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